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HVAC Control Systems

HVAC Controls consist of devices that control the operations of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning equipment. They can range from very basic residential applications to extremely complex large-scale energy management applications. The primary goal of HVAC Controls is to provide building occupants with a comfortable environment by combining input data with the precise control of a Dirct Digital Controls (DDC) system. 

Building Automation Systems (BAS) is an intelligent system of both hardware and software, connecting Heating, Venting and Air Conditioning (HVAC Systems), lighting, security, and other systems to communicate on a single platform. The system can then deliver crucial information on the operational performance of the building while enhancing the safety and comfort of the occupants.

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Building Automation Systems

We Provide the Training For This Career Opportunity!

Here's How It Works:

Global HVAC controls companies have teamed up with eHVACtech.com to create a pipeline of entry-level controls techs and other entry-level technicians to add to their workforce.  The project is to identify candidates that are looking for a well-paid, recession proof career in the Building Technology workforce.  The opportunities are large, the scope of work wide. HVAC Controls jobs involve IT (Internet Technology) combined with Mechanical Environmental systems.

This program begins and proceeds in a measured step process with a selection of check points and intermedial actions along the path.  It requires diligent study and commitment by the candidate to perform and succeed by becoming employed by Johnson Controls, Inc. 

The Steps:

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Apply Now:   

Fill out and submit enrollment form – you will receive an e-mail with a scheduler – choose a date and time to book an interview with a CMHE (Certified Master HVACR Educator and Career Coach)

Interview with CMHE  

Acceptance Criteria

    • Must Be Motivated!
    • Regular progress required (on your own schedule)
    • Minimum 6 Hours per week / complete two 3 hour modules
    • Passing grade required (80%+ overall program GPA)
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Enrollment into the program

  • Requires candidate investment of only $1500 (Standard cost of program is $7600 – a $6100 discount! – No additional fees (Candidate investment is reimbursed when program is completed and learner is employed/hired) 
  • Candidate receives access to 180 hours of NATE-approved HVAC training courses. (see Course Grid)
  • eHVACtech.com CMHE (Certified Master HVAC Educator) monitors progress

Upon completion of 50% of the program candidate interviewed by a global controls company and hired through Temp labor agency to work on projects.

  • Candidate enrolled into the last half of the program
  • Access to Advanced BAS and Metasys Tech Programs
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Successful completion of program

  • Meets all completion requirements
  • Candidate investment reimbursed if hired
hvac controls jobs technicians

Apply today and take aim at the career you want!

      What Does This Mean For You?

  • A secure and recession proof career in the building trades workforce
  • Selection and enrollment in an online technical training program
  • Completing program criteria achieves an employment offer by a global building trades company
  • Total cost of training is less than 3% of the first-year compensation